create a website

The fans

gamified and connected
through ultrasound

Gamify your events

with offline audio technology without hardware


With NFCSound you can send data through the sound without the need for any extra hardware using the existing sound system


Activate images, videos, photos, sounds, songs on the phone's screen through ultrasonic audio signals


Use each user’s flashlight to
create a choreographed light
show, increasing downloads by 5x normal engagement.


There is no need to connect to the internet, ultrasound is offline, we only use the microphone to extract the data from the sound


Deployment options

Integrate our SDK in your app or use our app with your brand.
Our SDK allows you to scan the sound around searching for data. Once the data is detected through the mircrophone, it is extracted from the sound and executed in the app. All this process is fast, offline and secure.
Interact with local and international fans with this new engagement channel while helping sponsors better direct their messages with advanced data analysis.


Activate the backlight of the phone through our ultrasonic signals
 in a synchronized lightset


Choose your audio

We can activate the lightshow with embedded in the music inaudible signals


We program

You can run a
synchronized light show during your event


Track sent

We will send you an audio file with our signals inserted in the music you have chosen or inaudible signals


Play press

When our software on the fans' phones detects the signals, the synchronized show will start at your event

1- Broadcast the signals through the speakers

2- Once detected the action will start



The second screen

During the entire engagement, the phone’s display can be in-sync with the video boards, providing you the ability to control the content on
thousands of screens simultaneously. The full video is displayed on video boards, while complementary stills, GIFs, and sponsored media
are displayed on the fan’s smartphone.
Place a special logo on video boards and throughout the venue to let users know when to use your app for specialized content.


in light shows

100% attention on the exit-screen as the
light show ends.
As soon as the flashing comes to an end,
the fans attention reverts back to the screen.
This creates a unique opportunity for a call to  
action like subscriptions for premium content
(video highlights, stats etc.) or e-coupons
for in-stadium merchandise or concessions.



  • ULTRASONIC PUSH MESSAGING- We help you send the right message, at the right time, to the right people throughout the entire venue. Lead fans to your site to sell a particular product or specially priced ticket, each user can be messaged specific content based on their location.
  • SPONSORS - Reward participants with brand partner coupons, discounts, and giveaways. These incentives are received onsite but can be redeemed both onsite or in partner with a specific retail location.
  • CONCESSIONS - Be sure the right content is delivered exactly when you want your audience to view it. Optimized timing means a better experience for users and better marketing results for your team.
  • VENUES -Help users to make their visiting experience better. Deliver content based on proximity e.g. what concession stand lines are the shortest, coupons for Lyft/Uber rides as attendees leave, push tickets for the following night, or even deliver messaging to instruct users of upcoming events at the stadium!

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